Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Change in music video cast.

Due to difficulty in scheduling times, we have had to change the characters in our video. Originally, we had our friend Beth and her boyfriend. However, he was not available until after 17:00 on weekdays which limited our time with lighting and general filming. The scenes they would have featured in, were the driving scene where the couple are on their way to one of the bands gigs.
So now, we have changed the couple to myself and my girlfriend as we are both flexible with filming times and dates. It is also ideal as my girlfriend drives and we would have needed a car and drive for the scenes. I am overall happy with the change of cast, as I now know that I have the freedom to film when I want, need and can. Also, I can play the character comfortably the way I had planned when thinking of the idea. We have our second draft of our music video with me and my girlfriend playing the characters, and it works a lot better than the original first draft video.

The first two actors...
Despite them looking great and matching the style of our target audience, it was a shame their availability couldn't work for us.

Our final actors...
This is me and my girlfriend. Due to it being my group, my time management and availability was more suitable. Also, with it being my group, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and what I wanted happening at certain points. I feel we got as much as possible out of our performance and I am happy with how it came out overall.

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