Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Re-filming our live performance...

Now we are back to school from the Christmas break, my priority is to re-film the performance for our music video. Despite the first shoot not being too bad and actually coming out looking fairly good, we always knew we were going to re-shoot no matter what. Looking back at the original footage, and looking at the feedback sheets, there were a few adjustments we needed to touch on. 

Our friend we had used as our drummer, was not good enough. At this level of media, every slight issue should be dealt with. With James on the drums, we felt that he didn't have the natural look of a drummer, and did not have the right rhythm or timing. Therefore, we have decided that when we next shoot, we will definitely use someone else. 

Also, from analysing our first shoot, we realised that we had made a really basic error. The error was the fact we had not plugged a cable into the back of the microphone. As I said, it is nothing major, but we wanted our video to look as professional as possible. 

In the next shoot, we need to definitely get more shots giving us more of a choice when it comes to editing, and not having the same shot styles over and over again creating a boring 'samey' video.

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