Thursday, 8 January 2015

Track listing on my digipak...

On my digipak, my middle panel at the bottom, is my track-listing panel. I looked at a lot at my favourite bands albums and their track-listing/song names. I chose to have 10 songs on my album as I think that is the right amount for an indie bands album. I then had to choose the track names. I chose 10 of my favourite songs, but still had to think about ho they would match and work with the style of our artist. Therefor, I chose mainly indie songs.

  1. Intro (original song by The 1975)
  2. Robbers (original song by The 1975)
  3. Undercover Martyn (our music video track, original song by Two Door Cinema Club)
  4. Alaska (original song by Josh Record) 
  5. Sex (original song by The 1975)
  6. Antichrist (originally by The 1975)
  7. Naive (originally by The Kooks)
  8. Fallout (originally by Catfish and the Bottlemen)
  9. Tulips (song title made up by myself)
  10. Reflections (song title made up by myself)
I think these song titles match our artist and it's profile.

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