Friday, 24 October 2014

Test shots...

In today's lesson, we took some basic practice shots of potential digipak images for our artist. The third band member we had planned on having was in a lesson during the shoot, so we used our friend Aaron (right of image). These were just some quick shots that we hadn't actually planned as clouting, time and location wasn't correct. During the half-term, we will be heading into London for a shoot and attuning paces such as Shoreditch, Camden and the Southbank.

On the day, we will be taking a variety of outfits to change into. We decided this as during our research, we noticed that there fashion and style had matured a lot as they progressed as a band. When their first record was released, they dressed the typical indie way, in denim jackets, ripped skinny jeans and knackered vans. They had shabby hair and piercings and looked like the typical British indie band.
As their second record was released, they had refurbished into a much more mature band. They dressed in smart attire, wearing pastel coloured blazers, chinos and smart shoes like brogues. They transferred their messy haircuts to smarter partings and exchanged the piercings for smart vintage looking sunglasses.

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