Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hype Williams (Director)

Hype Williams (Director)

In Monday's lesson, Shaun gave everyone in my class a film director to research and powerpoint. I was given Hype Williams to research. 

His full name is Harold "Hype" Williams, and he is an American music video and film director. Williams was born on July 1970 in Queens, New York and is of African and Honduran descent. He later attended Adelphi University Williams' big break came when he began working with Classic Concepts Video Productions. Lionel "Vid Kid" Martin & VJ Ralph McDaniels created Williams' first opportunity with the "Filmmakers With Attitude" moniker (FWA), which was Williams' first video company. 

"Hype" has worked with some of the most prestigious artists, from 2Pac to The Notourious B.I.G, from Jack White to Hoobastank. 

Williams used a very different style in a majority of his work. This was the fish-eye lens which distorted the camera view around the central focus. Here are some examples from his work.

In 1998, he directed his first and only to date, feature film called 'Belly'. It made a box office total of $9,639,390 in the US and Canada. 

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