Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Final artist name choice...

After a couple of weeks of deciding a name for our band, Sam and I decided on the name Waves. To help us come to this decision, we brainstormed a load of ideas, then created a tally of out favourite 4 names. It was clearly evident that Waves was the most popular, not only from us, but from a class of year 12's we asked. 9 of 15 students went for the name Waves, and we are more than happy and grateful for their input and help. Now that we have got a name for our band, and a final song choice, me and Sam can now progress on to making our mood board and planning our digipak design. The people that we gave our tally to were aged between 16-30 years old. By asking a range of aged people as widely as this have us a variety of preferred band names.

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