Saturday, 10 January 2015

Plan for band poster...

I have decided to use this image as it has a great contrast with the overall look of my digipak. The sepia style works really well, giving a vintage look to our digipak, linking in with our bands interests of vintage clothing and 80's music. The picture of the pier resembles a beach linking in with the name of our band, 'Waves'.

The text I have added, mainly to get a feel to see if it works among the image, matches the font that features on the front of my digipak. I have kept this font to write all information featuring on both the digipak and poster. I think it works really well and stands out as being the font used for 'Waves'. Linking in with another blog post I did, I wanted to get a font that would resemble the band and be noticed for being the band font, almost acting as a logo in itself.

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