Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Font styles for our artist...

In Wednesday's lesson, we looked at different types of font on a website called DaFont. We wanted a font that would represent us as a band. We looked at other bands that have a font that people recognise as 'being their font'.

When you look at classic rock bands, they all have a font/logo that represents themselves as a band. Bands such as Metallica whose font has a lightning strike looking symbol coming off of the first and last letter in the word. The font is black, representing their dark aggressive image of the metal music they produce.

The original artwork of the Rolling Stones lips and tongue logo is one of the world's most instantly recognisable symbols of rock and roll. Their red font is also a key recognisable symbol of them as a band.

Oasis are known for their Italic white font in the black box. When this style is seen, or a similar font type, the general audience would instantly think of or assume it was the band Oasis.

In more recent years, bands like Arctic Monkeys are known for their white font in the black circle, and their sound wave logo from their fifth studio album, AM.

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