Friday, 14 November 2014

Digipak first draft...

In Sinead's lessons, we have been working on our digipak's and presenting them step by step to the class as we went a long. For the style of our artist, I knew that I wanted limited colouring in the cover of my digipak. 

As you can see from my first draft, there is a limit of colour. The scenery and locations used in my digipak so far, link to our Artist name 'Waves'. the use of the picture of the waves, and our lead singer in the band at the beach ties in nicely with our artist name and profile. 
I really like the matching disk and spine design as it matches the colour scheme of the Sepia effect that re-occurs throughout our digipak. I still need to add an image on the top right panel and a colour/pattern on the disk holder. Also, from my feedback, myself and my class mates are still unsure on the bottom left panel.

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