Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Test shots in London...

On Wednesday 29th October, I travelled up to London with my friend to take some practice shots fro potential digipak images. Unfortunately, on the day, my partner Sam was unavailable to attend the trip and the third member of our band, James, was away. After researching similar artists album covers, a majority if them don't actually feature the band on the album cover. They were either band logos or landscape images of towns/cities. We took note of this, therefore I decided to travel to London and take some landscape images of buildings and sites. I managed to get some pretty cool images that I actually really like. I got my friend Amelia to feature in a couple of the shots. These are some of the better shots i got from the day. During the day, we both travelled to places like the Southbank, Charing Cross station, Camden, Covent Garden and briefly to Shoreditch. 
Unfortunately, due to timing and lighting, we were unable 
to take any pictures in Shoreditch.

The picture on the right is my favourite from the whole shoot. I love the shadows and colour of the while picture and think the location is perfect for the type of artist we want to create. Its smart, attractive and typical London. This shot was taken down Shelton Street in Covent Garden. My brother works in Covent Garden and told my to go there for these type of shots. Overall, for a test shot day, I was incredibly please with the outcome of some of these shots, and will definitely be attending these locations again with my partner Sam and third band member for our final digipak shots.

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