Wednesday, 1 October 2014

First Ideas...

Originally, my group consisted of Aaron Pye, Sam Donovan and myself. We always knew coming into this task that we wanted to do an indie band. We spoke to previous students from years above and watched their work they had produced and thought that an indie band would have been really fun to do as most indie songs have an interesting storyline. After a few discussions, Aaron decided to leave our group and it was just left with Sam and myself. Me and Sam were still planning to do an indie band, so we started with our research on potential bands we could focus on. As the indie/pop genre is our favourite genre of music, and what we listen to the most, we looked through our music libraries on our phones and some of the artists that we have on there. We created a mind map of artists we would be interested in. Bands like The 1975, The Kooks and Bloc Party were popular choices but we couldn't find a song of theirs that we could get excited about and come up with lans for. We then turned to songs that we liked, as the roject is mainly about a music video for a song. We, again, followed through with the same procedure and went through songs we had on our music libraries on our iPhones/iPods. We then came across a song called 'Undercover Martyn' by an Irish band called Two Door Cinema Club. We both originally loved the record and other material by the band so it was pretty perfect for us. We researched the band, and their fashion and influences. We also looked at a few of their videos and found that they are very fun and colourful with their work. This excited us as it gives us the opportunity to create and work with something very fun and colourful. We always had the idea of a live performance in our video, and i think we will still go ahead with this decision, but have a fun narrative along with it.

After we found our artist and song, it was now time to find OUR artist. The artist/band name was our next priority. We spent lesson after lesson sitting with our teachers Shaun and Mike rying to find a name that fitted our genre/type of band. We made brainstorms after brainstorms and mind -map after mind-map trying to whittle it down until we did. We finalised four potential band names and created a tally for our class to fill out. The results of the tally meant that our artist name was 'Waves'. Sam and I were happy with this decision as this was th ename that we were both warming to before hand.

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